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Decisions Made With A Broken Heart!

Have you made Decisions with a Broken Heart??

Well, I have… many many times.  As I look back, my first thought was WHY would I make such decisions when I was not complete and with a broken heart.  What kind of decisions you may ask?? Well, you name it.  Let’s see where to start.  I can remember being 9 years old and my parents sitting me down to tell me they were getting a divorce… we are at Broken Heart number 1.. at least from what I remember.. Yet my heart was broken because I remember my mom acting all upset.. and my dad getting up and leaving without saying good bye to me.  I thought he was angry with me.. I was DEVASTATED.  Now from this point I simply made bad decision after bad decision.  Not really understanding.. due to the fact that I was young.

broken heart

Broken Heart Decisions have consequences..

Every decision I ever made with a broken heart has lead to disaster.  I mean when you think about it.. how can something positive come out of decision made when broken.. I can relate to a cake made with eggs.. yet the chef accidentally dropped egg shells in the batter.. and didn’t take them out.. It wasn’t intentional.. yet at the end of the baking process the egg shells cause a crunch that is unexpected.. and really unwanted.. I’m simply going to be honest with you.. I have made cakes with egg shells.. sometimes I knew the shells were in the batter and simply didn’t give a ….. crap.. lol.. and other times I was so blinded by my pain that I didn’t even see the egg shells go in to the batter.

There’s healing for a Broken Heart!

As single mom’s we have to pay close attention to the state of our hearts.  Ladies we must remember that our babies are watching our every move.. and I always say, “that my daughters will DO WHAT I DO, RATHER THEY SEE ME OR NOT!! It’s simply in the blood!!!” We have to live our lives in TRUTH.. not delusion.  We are raising the next generation.  If you are a single mom raising sons.. there is a chance you could be raising my daughters husband.. I’m just saying.. smiling. I’m not speaking to you from on top of a horse.. I’m right here in the trenches with you.  My oldest enjoys me much more today then she did 4 years ago.  I simply was living in a state of a broken heart, making poor decisions, and looking at yesterday instead of the right now.  I was missing so much as life passed me by.  It was like my broken heart determined what I acknowledged. I know some of you reading this post.. know exactly what I’m talking about.  I don’t even have to go into detail about each bad decision.. You already know..

I always say knowing is half the battle.. I’m hoping that reading this post will allow you to evaluate the state of your heart.  See sometimes our hearts are broken.. yet life is so busy.. we do not take the time to acknowledge it.. other times we can’t ignore the fact that our heart is broken.  Today I challenge you to review the state of your heart.  How does your heart look?? Is it a whole complete heart? Or is it a broken heart? If you believe you have a broken heart then fill out the form below and let’s get back to smiling.


Are You Taking Advantage of Layaway??

How about that Layaway?

I know I usually give you guys a video.. yet today I’m feeling a little under the weather.. (even though I have taken all my vitamins.. I mean my coffee is even an immune booster.. ) yet who can fight it when the weather goes from 78 degrees to 35 degrees every other day..Between me and you.. I can’t stand it.. lol.. smile.

Still today I placed plenty of goodies on Layaway!

I must admit it.. I love layaway.  I’m constantly reinvesting into my business, so I really do not stack up lots of cash for Christmas shopping.  As a single mom, I never really know what might pop up during the last month of the year.. so basically

Layaway is perfect for me!!

I can pay on the items through the month.. and I get what I know my girls want.  I’m going to be honest with you.. about 8 years ago when my oldest was 2 years old.. This time of year was the WORST.. why?? Well my daughter’s birthday is on December 22.. yep.. I left the hospital on Christmas eve.. lol.. So I felt so much pressure during the month of December.  I must say that now.. 8 years later.. my life is way less stressful.. yet I had to make a decision about what is important.. and I also had to stop concerning myself with what others thought! Another reason I love layaway soooo much is because once January comes around… I do not have to worry about seeing any credit card bills.  See I stopped using credit cards back in 2001 when I worked to repair my credit so that I could buy my home.  I have found that I owe enough with my house, car and student loans.. I simply don’t want to owe for plastic as well.

Are you worried about how you are going to get the things the kids want, when you can’t afford it today??? Well go ahead and use layaway.  I know for a fact that Walmart and ToysRUs has it.. possibly many other stores in your neighborhood as well.

I would love to connect with you and discuss layaway more, feel free to leave your info below, as you know us single mom’s need to stick together..


Keep Smiling while you place those gifts on layaway,

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone…

I do not have a video for your today.. yet I must say that I missed you yesterday.. I decided that I would write to you today, letting you know exactly why I’m celebrating Thanksgiving today!

First I’m celebrating Thanksgiving because of my beautiful daughters.. I never thought I would see the day when I can enjoy my family. Especially as a single mom.  Many people act like we simply have it so HARD!! I mean I can’t tell you how many of my friends make comments like, “OMG, Shalonda, I don’t know how you do it.. ” I look at them like.. Wow.. and then I throw them that SMILE!! Cuz if you are a single mom and you are making moves.. it really isn’t any harder than it was when I was making moves without my babies.. and if it is..I CAN’T TELL!! (Yet another reason to celebrate Thanksgiving.. )lol.

Second, I’m celebrating Thanksgiving because I’m spending the holiday with my family.. Now I’m here with my Dad’s side of the family.. and I miss my Mom (who is like my best friend.. truth be told.. smile) and my Mom’s side of the family.. yet I know I will see them soon enough.  This Thanksgiving, we are meeting at my Uncles house.. the family want’s to be tight together.. Now I got really excited yesterday cuz I knew I was finally old enough to sit at the grown folks table.. any of you who have done family eating events know all about the “Kid’s Table and the Grown Folk’s Table”.. Well how about my Uncle tells me that you have to be 50 years old to sit at the Grown Folk’s table.. hmmmm we will see about that.. lol.. The jokes and laughter are yet another reason to celebrate Thanksgiving.. lol

 Why are you celebrating Thanksgiving?



Raise Your Expectations

It’s a great day to….

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Keep Smiling,,

Enjoy The Kids!

When was the last time you enjoyed your kids…

I challenge you to spend time with your kids this week.. even if for five minutes..

Keep Smiling,


The Kids Are Out!!!

Wow.. The girls are out for Thanksgiving!

It’s times like these when… well just watch.. lol..


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Keep Smiling,

Forgive! Forgive!

What!! I have to forgive AGAIN!!


Challenge: Look back and make a decision to forgive.. Hit me up if you believe you are in a situation where forgiveness is NOT an option..

Keep Smiling,

I’m Always The Bigger Person!

I’m ALWAYS the Bigger Person…

LOL! Yeah Right!!!


Challenge: Choose to be the bigger person… and watch your children follow your lead..

Keep Smiling,


Obedience Is Easy!! LOL..

I love Obedience.. LOL!!!

All I can say is anybody who acts like obedience is FUN.. must be trippin!!


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Keep Smiling!!


I Must Get Up!!!

Sometimes waking up in the AM is difficult..

I mean facing another day isn’t always as easy as it sounds…

Keep Smiling,


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