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Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Is Ridiculous!



I just saw Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol today.. and is it just me.. or..

Do you feel like driving fast after leaving a movie of this nature.. I mean seriously.. maybe it is just me.. considering that I learned how to drive in Frankfurt Germany. Yes I drove on the Autobahn at the age of 17.. and ever since I have had this need for speed. Yes, my license has been on rocking ground here in America before.. smiling. I left the movie today driving faster than usual. Then I saw a cop, and slowed my tail down. Just to give you a visual I drive a VW Jetta. It is actually my fifth Volkswagon. I drove my VW like I was driving this…

mission impossible


Yes! The BMW i8 from Mission Impossible 4

Just watching this car on the big screen was AMAZING.. (I mean I lived in Frankfurt Germany for 13 years.. German Engineering is in my blood.. lol..) I left the theater ready to push the pedal to the metal. Don’t worry, my kids were not in the car. This desire brought a serious revelation to my mind. I sat in a movie theater for 2 hours and once I left I had a desire to drive a fast car… FAST!! Well the same desire comes from filling your mind for 2 hours with motivating information. It is said that multi-millionaires read for at minimum of 30 minutes a day. Many tell you that by reading they make their mission impossible situations conquerable. How much are reading? I’m currently reading 3 books, and these books help keep me motivated and fired up to keep pushing forward toward my goals. Now I don’t know about you.. yet I have found that sometimes it is kind of hard to keep pushing through each failure and to keep pushing after each success. I mean sometimes it seems like a complete


Mission Impossible!

Well, we are on the brink of a new year. Look back at your library pick up a book that maybe you did not finish. Pick up a new book and start it today. I mentioned that I’m currently reading three books. I’m reading Web Copy That Sells and The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web and my current motivational book is The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer. Each of these books help to take me to the next level in my business and I always include a book that takes me that next level in my life! If you are new to being in business for yourself, or if you work for somebody else and you are looking for a mindset book, check out The Greatest Secret in The World.

Just like that Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol made me leave wanting to drive a fast car, or my car faster.. lol. Reading a book that motivates you to try the newest techniques or improve your current techniques will leave you wanting to take that next step to success.. 2011 is just about gone. Review what you have accomplished and what you still have left to accomplish. What can you do different in 2012 to reach your goals that are left? If you are not reading daily, or looking at motivational, uplifting, educational information daily then add it to your daily activity list of 2012 and watch how much more you accomplish. Make your Mission Impossible the Mission Accomplished!


Where Are You Placing Your Faith?

Do You Have Faith??

The above question was the only place I could see to start off this post.  I have had to look to my faith over and over again over the last couple of months.  Let’s start by looking at the definitions of faith.  In the Wikipedia it states that Faith is confidence or trust in a person or thing, or a belief that is not based on proof. The Merriam-Webster dictionary states that Faith is allegiance to duty or a person : loyalty and a  firm belief in something for which there is no proof : complete trust.  Ok, now that we know exactly what it means to have faith, we can take an honest review of our lives and see if we are using faith at all.

As I read through the definitions, I realized that having faith was one of the hardest lessons I had to learn.  See in my past I always believed in what I could see, touch, feel.  Well, most of the time, I missed out on many great opportunities all because I was not willing to take  a risk past what I could actually see in front of me.  Now if you know me, I’m near sited and have worn glasses since the fifth grade. So basically I can’t see too far in front.. smiling. Yet, when faith became an issue I simply did not understand.

It seems Faith became easier as I aged.

Over the years I have matured.  I understand that I can not control everything. I don’t know if you have noticed in your life, yet the older I get the less I know. Funny how that happens.  The more I realize I do not know as much as I thought the more faith I have.  My faith has grown, my trust has grown, my belief has grown.  Rarely have things turned out the way I thought they would in my life.  My accomplishments continue to amaze me and my disappointments continue to leave me wondering how I didn’t see them coming.

My faith is strong, yet as I’m writing this article , I realize that I am in the process of being stretched further than I have ever been stretched before.  The relationships I thought I understood, I’m finding out they are not what I thought. The direction I thought my business was going, I’m finding out it is going in another direction.  The experiences I’m supposed to share are the ones I thought were supposed to remain secret. I mean it is all really uncomfortable, yet as I’m writing these words,

I stand on my faith!

The belief in what I’ve accomplished.  The belief in the love that surrounds me.  The trust in the promises made to me. The joy that settles in my spirit each and every day that I move in a state of faith. Every single time I get in my own way I can tell I’m doing it.  You can probably tell the same in your life as well.  Let me just get totally honest with you, the fact that I’m even writing this article is stretching.  The only way I can continue to allow the stretching is by focusing on the beliefs and trust that I listed earlier.  See we have to know who we are, in order to move in faith.  In business they call it risk.. yet I call it faith in business as well.  The only reason I’m a successful self-employed single mother today is because of my faith.

There were times in my life when I ignored my lack of faith.  My choice led me in the opposite direction of the one I wanted to go in.  I’m guessing that somebody reading this article, maybe even YOU, is feeling like they have no room for faith in their life. Or better yet, that having faith has always let you down.  If you look back on your faith experiences and all you see is disappointment, then I recommend you look deeper.  Why? Well, I use to walk in the state of “Woo Me” when it came to my faith.  It looked like disappointment after disappointment. Yet then I looked again.. and I realized I missed the TRUTH.  Here is example, see I’m a single mom, yet I would love to have a husband.  So I saw the faith in getting a husband as a disappointment.  Let me tell you, I had to look at the truth of that thing.  See, my not having a husband has nothing to do with my faith.. it has to do with my LACK OF FAITH.  See I made bad decisions because I did not trust, believe, or have faith.  Once I was able to look at the truth in that situation, I begin to look at many of my past disappointments that I was blaming on faith. Like my business, my family relationships, and my friendships. I can honestly tell you that every disappointment was due to lack of faith.  Once I started moving forward with faith everything changed.


Faith brings forth success, hopes, and dreams.

Where are you placing your faith? Do you have faith? Do you need help with your faith? I have answers for each question, and they weren’t always positive. Yet, you must start someplace, so I recommend you start with the truth about your faith.

Give It Back!!!

Have You Ever Been Told To “Give It Back”??

Lately, in my life.. I have heard these three words over and over again! I decided to share some of my thoughts about having to always “Give It Back”! Now as usual, you may agree with me, you may not.. yet these are my experiences.. Now.. It all starts when you decide that something is yours…what is that something?? Well, remember I’m coming from the perspective of a Single Mom.  That something can be a man, a house, a ministry, a dress, a car, a friendship, a relationship, a business idea, a business, or even your children… Yep.. I said it YOUR CHILDREN! I’ve grown over the years and most of the time it was painful.  It was painful because I refused to give up what I felt belonged to me.  I know one of the most painful situations was letting go of a friendship.  I knew this “friend” since we were 14.  We grew up together, you see I felt this “friend” knew me inside and out, and truth be told he did.  Yet, as I grew and changed and matured, he kept seeing me as the  person I was in my past. He didn’t grow with me.  I was told to “Give It Back”.. Let me tell you, I was told this in 2001.  It took me 10 years to finally let go.  Now looking back, I sincerely wish I gave it back when I was first told too.  See it turned out, that he wasn’t the “friend” I thought he was… and he didn’t even realize it.. Life is funny like that some times.You may wonder, why keep the friendship if it wasn’t good for you.. well, see when I was letting go in 2006, my brother died, and I felt like the only “guy” that really had my back was gone.. so I held on to my “friend”.

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Tell Me To Be Patient and find out.. lol..

Have you ever felt like every time you turn around somebody is telling you to be patient.  I mean to be honest with you I can’t stand to hear that.. to the point that I have friends that try to sugar coat words to me.. as if I don’t know that they are actually saying to be patient.  Well, I’m just going to have to continue to stay transparent with you, patience is not my strong suit.  Yet, it is not impossible for me to be patient.  I just do not like it very much.  Let’s be real, we live in a world of immediate satisfaction.  I would even go out on a limb and say the babies born in the 70’s are the last generation to exhibit some sort of understanding of delayed gratification.. and it is hard for us..  I mean compared to the generations born in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

be patient

To Be Patient is not always a bad thing.. or is it..

LOL.. no seriously that statement above made me literally laugh out loud.  You see the funny thing is that every single time that I’ve been patient I can honestly say I received the BEST outcome.  EVERY TIME!!  Yet, I can not name one time when it FELT good.. which really is the point.  It stretches you to that place that pulls you outside of your comfort zone.  To be patient is to make a decision that I’m willing to wait for the BEST instead of the OK.  To be patient is to say that I’m stronger then you think I am… AHHHHHH you  like that one right..  I like to compare patience to silent power!

To Be Patient = To Be Strong

be patient

How To Guard Your Heart!!

Guard Your Heart.. FIRST!!

What do I mean by Guard Your Heart?? I understand why you may ask this question.. It’s one of those statements that people say like everyone knows what it means.. lol.. I don’t know if you understand where I’m coming from.. yet let me continue.. When I became a mom.. a love came over me that I had never felt before.  I can’t explain it to you.. just like I can’t explain how it feels to give birth.. yet I will tell you it brought me to a place of tenderness, a place of softness.  See I rarely showed a sensitive side.. it simply was not my style prior to becoming a mom.  Yet motherhood changed all that.. smile.  I began to wear my heart on my sleeve.. anybody could touch it.. anybody could take advantage of it.  Now you are probably thinking.. why did you let that happen.  Well.. I didn’t LET anything happen. I didn’t realize that I was not guarding my heart.


             Ladies, Guard Your Heart!

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