Wisconsin’s Senate Bill 507 is CRAZY!

Wow, I know I haven’t posted in a while. I have spent the first quarter of this year purging my house.. or some may call it spring cleaning. I read some news today that literally forced me to come back to the blog and take action! First I should let you know that I have missed you.. smile.

Now let me discuss this crazy Wisconsin Senate Bill 507.  Let me start by letting you know that it is an amendment requiring the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board to emphasize non-marital parenthood as a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect.  Yes you read it correctly. This amendment is introduced by Senator Glenn Grothman, a Republican.

I’ve decided to start by allowing you to

Listen to Senator Glenn Grothman’s speak on Senate Bill 507

  Let me tell you some major facts about this man.  He has never been married and has NO children.  Let me repeat no children.


Ok.. this guy basically just stated that Single Moms should consider adoption to avoid raising children out of wedlock.  So we do not care about our children as Single Moms.  He states that there is a direct connection between Single parent house holds and child abuse and neglect.  CRAZY!!

Wisconsin Senate Bill 507 is moving through quickly.. Pay Attention!

Senator Glenn Grothman stated in another interview that fathers are the PRIMARY preventor of child abuse and neglect, when they are in the home, basically blaming Single Mom’s for this child abuse and neglect. As you watch the video.. notice that this man believes that Single Parent homes are BROKEN HOMES!! He says it repeatedly. It is completely insulting.  My girls do not feel like they are raised in a broken home, and I’m pretty sure that the Single Moms in Wisconsin may feel the same way.  I mean lets look at the facts.. 1/3 of the Moms in Wisconsin are Single Moms.  Wisconsin Senate Bill 507 is insulting and attacks Single Moms.

Many others spoke against this Senate Bill 507… Praise God! Yet I believe that we should observe this situation as Single Moms. Don’t sleep and let this pass you buy.  This Republican Senator Glenn is making some wild accusations in reference to Single Parent homes, in other interviews he has put majority of the Single parent home “issue” on the Moms.. stating that it is “our decision” to bring children into the world outside of wedlock.

Senate Bill 507Moms, we need to pay attention and unite.  There are reasons why some choose to attack those that they ‘THINK” are weak.  Well, I ‘m here to state that when Senator Glenn Grothman decided to attack Single Moms by directly relating us to child abuse and neglect, he made a POOR decision, because we are far from weak.  In fact I would step out and say that we are some of the STRONGEST women on the planet.

I’m here to simply let you know the information.  You can make your own decisions and complete your research.. yet do not sit there and think that if  Wisconsin Senate Bill 507 passes in Wisconsin that Republicans will not try to pass a bill of this nature in other states.. maybe even your state.  This bill effects all of us as Single Moms.


You can HELP!!! Project Single Moms, Worldwide Inc. is sending an open letter to Senator Glenn Grothman to let him know that we are paying attention,and that he is WAY off base.  Make YOUR VOICE HEARD TODAY!!! CLICK HERE!

Do Not let Wisconsin Senate Bill 507 get through..Let’s keep our eyes open. Senate Bill 507 must not PASS!

Senate Bill 507