Project Single Mom’s National Advocacy Week


Project Single Moms Worldwide is holding their first National Advocacy Week the week of May 7-11, 2012.  First let me introduce you to the most needed 501(c)3 in the nation, actually worldwide.  Project Single Moms Worldwide, Inc.  is a volunteer-led national advocacy and empowerment movement designed to empower and engaged single mothers in the area of education, employment and entrepreneurship thus helping them to achieve economic self-sufficiency as well as financial security for their families. The movement strives to organize and create a unified voice for single mothers in America.  Membership is free and open to single mothers from all socioeconomic an ethnic backgrounds.  Single Moms what are you waiting for.. get involved.

face of poverty

                Are You the Face of Poverty?

Project Single Moms Worldwide is bringing attention to the “I AM THE FACE Of POVERTY” campaign in order to bring attention to the issue of more than one in five U.S. children living in poverty as well as more than two in five reside in low income single mother heads of household.  Crazy when you think about it. What’s even crazier is how attention is not being brought to this fact more often.  Are you apart of these numbers?

                The Face of Poverty looks like me!

The facts show that the Face of Poverty looks like 80% of African American and Hispanic children whom are living in poverty in America.  Project Single Moms Worldwide is using this Advocacy week to spread the word about the importance of educating your legislators about the plight of single moms and their children in America.  Project Single Moms Worldwide Inc wants to communicate the importance of the Project Single Moms movement in helping move single mothers and their children from poverty and low-income status toward economic self-sufficiency.

                You Are the Face of Poverty!

Take a moment and think about the face of poverty.  Leave a comment and let us know exactly what you think about these staggering numbers.  Share this blog post with your friends.  We are looking to mobilize single moms.  If you are a successful single mom, well then pay it forward and join the movement.  We owe it ourselves, we owe it to our children, we owe it because you never know when you may have to stand and say,