A Single Mom’s Celibacy is Not All That Uncommon

It’s funny how whenever I mention living a life of celibacy… people look at my daughters and then look back at me with that… “Yeah.. right!” look.. you know what I’m talking about.. that look like because I already have children, that I can’t live a life of Celibacy. Little do they know.. There are several single moms. that understand a Single Mom’s Celibacy. For those that look at the reality of Single Mom’s Celibacy and say that, “She is the minority”.. Well, I challenge those individuals to look in the mirror.. because if you find yourself surrounded by single moms that do not practice celibacy.. it is more about what you attract then the statements I’m making here today..

single mom's celibacy    A Single Mom’s Celibacy is Valuable

I didn’t quite understand the value of my body as a child.  I grew up in a household where we didn’t talk much about sex.. or about not having sex for that fact.. by the time I found out the value of ones virginity, I had already given it up.  I’m not going to sit here and act like I had any regrets.. I mean you can’t really regret giving up something when you do not know it’s worth.. by the time I realized the worth of what I gave up.. I knew that regret would not bring back my virginity.  What I did know was that I had to teach my daughter something totally different then what I was taught.  Notice I said daughter.. yet I have two daughters.  See I started living a Single Mom’s Celibacy when my oldest daughter was 4 years old.  I learned my worth when I made a decision to answer the call of my Father. The love I have for my daughter would not allow me to continue moving in ignorance, for I did not want her to live in ignorance. Regardless of what everyone around me said.. you know.. “If you plan on finding a Daddy for that girl.. you have to give it up” or “no man is going to deal with you not giving them some”. I mean I was surrounded by ignorance.. Sometimes when you make a decision you have to cut off the ignorance around you.

A Single Mom’s Celibacy Journey is not always perfect.. at least not for me

See two years into my Celibate walk.. my step brother died in a car accident.. when I tell you that thing broke my heart.  Everything I thought I understood became confusing. I no longer understood how to console my pain.  I no longer understood how I was supposed to walk through this valley and remain in truth with a single moms celibacy.  It simply didn’t make sense.  I reverted back to my old ways.  I reverted back to what I thought I understood.. what I thought I knew.  Praise God that He gave me Life in the mist of my sin, because God could have just as easily gave me death.  Through this pain,  I learned even more about the value of my celibacy.  I begin to realize how mixed up my spirit, emotions, thoughts became when I laid down with he who is not my husband.  I begin to understand the truth about premarital sex that many do not talk about.  I begin to understand the Spiritual side to that thing.  I begin to understand the unspoken code to a Single Mom’s Celibacy.

single mom's celibacy

There Are Benefits To A Single Mom’s Celibacy

We rarely speak about the benefits of a Single Mom’s Celibacy.. we are really quick to talk about things that we can not have. Ever notice how easy it is to focus on what you can not have.. yet if you simply focus on the benefits, you will find that what you are giving up is nothing compared to all that you are receiving.  While practicing Celibacy.. realize that you have clarity of mind.  I don’t know about you.. yet I love having the ability to be complete in my mind.  I enjoying being able to tell my thoughts from those of my enemy.  Watch how you value your worth, how much your children will value their worth.  The spirit of lust is not welcome in my home.. it tries to knock and I see it clearly.  My daughters know their worth.. yes there are still many conversations still left to have.. yet as I bring them up in the Word of God.. the Holy Spirit ministers to them daily.  I see the confidence and the value that they hold that I did not hold.  Now for my favorite benefit.. I enjoy spending time in the presence of God, my current husband.  There is nothing between us.  I’m in complete love and I’m completely loved.  See the reason I initially began the walk of A Single Mom’s Celibacy was for my daughter.. yet I eventually began to walk for myself. I know the day will come when my God allows my husband on earth to find me and present me with an amazing life.. See below the benefit that comes with this amazing life..

single mom's celibacysingle mom's celibacy

Keep Smiling,

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