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Parental Accountability Leads To Obedient Children

Parental Accountability Leads To Obedient Children

parental accountability

What Do You Mean Parental Accountability Leads To Obedience?

I know.. I know.. as parents we start out with the feeling that we only have to be accountable to ourselves.. our boss.. our God.. yet the truth is we have to be accountable to our children as well.  Raising a child today is totally different then when we were growing up.  Our parents could get away with not having to be accountable to us.  Back in those days most adults were accountable.. and the few that were not.. well they didn’t really stand out.  Yet if you look at the world that we live in today.. you can see that the majority is not exactly what you would want your child mimicking.  Therefore we have to take different approach in how we parent. Parental accountability is a must today.

parental accountability Parental Accountability Takes Humility and Strength

As a parent you know exactly what I’m talking about.  The first time I held myself accountable in front of my daughter, I felt like I was losing my mind.  Literally, I felt like I was wrong for even letting her feel like she had this kind of “Power”.  Yet, as I begin exhibiting parental accountability and explain to her my faults and my strengths, as I begin to explain to her why I did what I did, and why I was wrong.  I noticed a look in her eyes, that I had never seen before.  I noticed her shoulders kind of stand up a little higher.  I noticed a softness in her face, along with a relief.  I asked her what she was thinking.  Her response was:

It is good to know that you mess up sometimes too.  I also love you so much and I know it is okay to mess up sometimes as long as I can  talk about it by telling the truth.  I want to lie sometimes because you seemed so perfect and I didn’t want to disappoint you.

Once I noticed the response and the new found transparency come out of my child.. I knew parental accountability is the way to go.  You really don’t have to believe me.  All you have to do is give it a try.  See for yourself the response you get.

parental accountability

Deciding against Parental Accountability My Lead To Horrible Circumstances

Circumstances come with every decision.  See some circumstances are good.. and some are bad.. which do you prefer? I prefer GOOD.. and what I have noticed is that the more parental accountability that I exhibit, the more obedient my children become. Maybe it’s because they realize that it’s okay to mess up sometimes.  Maybe it’s because they see that unconditional love is given and received by everyone in the house. Maybe it’s because they simply do not mess up as much because they aren’t constantly thinking about it.. (that is another post all together).  All I know is that as I humble myself.. and leave my pride outside, my children are obedient.

All you have to do is give it a try… an HONEST try.  Leave a comment sharing your experiences. Guys we are in a different time.  We have to raise our kids differently then the way we were raised.  We simply do not have the luxury of doing it the ways of the past.  It’s kind of like that saying about old wine skins. Look around.. the wine they are making today.. isn’t like the wine they made 20 years ago. Parental accountability is like new wine skins.

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Why I keep Forgiving The Kids!

Forgiving The Kids is Easy!!

forgiving the kidsI know you are probably reading this and wondering exactly what do I mean about “forgiving the kids”.  Yet it is something that we must do.  Especially in today’s times.  See times are different then they were when we grew up.. Well at least us 70’s babies and earlier.  See I don’t know about you.. but my parents never admitted fault.  My parents were perfect, as far as knew.  And they definitely didn’t ask for forgiveness.  Yet times are very different in this world that we are raising our kids in.  We simply do not have the same luxuries that our parents had.

Why I Keep Forgiving The Kids!!

My reasons for forgiving the kids are two fold.  See first time I forgave my daughter, I was simply testing a theory.  Once I witnessed the response I was completely sold on the idea.  See the reality is that we are now raising our children in a time when we don’t quite trust the “village” like we used to.  And I found that there are many predators out there that would just love to gain the ear of my babies.  So I thought about what I liked about how my mom dealt with forgiveness, coupled with what I’ve learned through the Bible, and my healthy relationships.  What I found is that forgiving the kids is a must.

First, it builds respect between child and parent

Second, it builds up confidence in the child, and shows them exactly how amazing they are.

forgiving the kids    A Story About The Real Reason I Keep Forgiving The Kids!

See it really all started one day when I realized that my oldest daughter, Catherine was not forgiving her little sister, Chloe.  I mean they were running through the house just snapping at each other.. Well, truth be told Catherine was running around snapping at Chloe.  Now let me tell you there is a 7 year difference between my daughters.  As I was an only child when I grew up.. I have been told by many that had I had siblings growing up I would understand the dynamic of their relationship.  I personally believe their relationship should start with love and respect and then the rest will work it’s way out.  So back to the story.. lol.  I went into my room and begin to pray.  “Lord, what is wrong with these kids, why aren’t they forgiving?” Well, God answered and said.. “You’re not forgiving either!” Wow.. now this got me.. I gave that..”What do you mean…” response.  And God clearly showed me how when Catherine had lied to me weeks before, that I had not forgiven her.  I was stuck, because God showed me the truth.  See weeks earlier, Catherine had lied about something.  And I can not stand it when I’m lied to. And the fact was I had not forgiven her.  In fact over the past weeks up to this moment, I was constantly bringing up how she had lied.  If she looked at me funny, I would say, “You are lying!”.  I immediately called Catherine into my room and proceeded to ask her for forgiveness for not forgiving her for lying.  Now notice that at this point I’m the one asking for forgiveness.  I also stated that I forgave her for lying all those weeks earlier.  She forgave me and accepted my forgiveness.  I then proceeded to ask her to forgive her sister.  She agreed and did just that.  To say the least there is peace in my house.

Forgiving The Kids Exhibits Strength

It takes a strong parent to admit fault to a child they gave birth to.. or even one that they are raising. Yet you have to know that when you show this type of strength, that this exact type of strength is learned.  At the end of the day we are here to give our kids the best chances in this world that we live in.  I personally have found that my daughters communicate better with me knowing that I have faults.  While I show them that I am not perfect they are ready, able and willing to share their faults with me.  When they realize that forgiveness is on the table, they are more apt to tell me the thing they know will require forgiveness.  Forgiving the kids brings the family unit back to a place of success.

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Power Breakfast 2013: Reinvent You!

It’s time for the Power Breakfast 2013: Reinvent You!

power breakfast 2013

The Mommy of the Power Breakfast 2013 is Jennifer Keitt, I first met her last year and immediately was in awe.  This lady is powerful and has a heart for people.  She is a Wife,  a mother, a friend, and a powerful Spirit on the Airwaves.. It’s really an honor to have the opportunity to say.. “I’ve met her”.. I still remember the first time I met her, my jaws were hurting from smiling so much.

Recognized as one of the most passionate, engaging and powerful voices on the airwaves, Jennifer Keitt empowers and educates more than one million listeners across the globe each week as the host of Today’s Black Woman Radio Show and as the host of her new show: THE JENNIFER KEITT SHOW which airs on KISS 104FM in Atlanta. For over two decades, Keitt has represented the power and perseverance of women, challenging them to invoke change and conquer the world in unique and creative ways.


Power_breakfastAbout 3 months ago, Mrs. Jennifer Keitt asked if I would be interested in speaking at her FAMOUS Power Breakfast 2013.  Now let me tell you the back ground to this opportunity.  As a single mom, I like to give my time working for a cause that helps out other Single Moms. I joined a Non-Profit Organization called Project Single Mom with Stephanie Clark.  If you have followed my blogs, you already know that I have done some work with that organization.  Well, Mrs. Jennifer Keitt actually called Stephanie Clark for this opportunity, yet as Ms. Clark was not available, she recommended me.  I was floored, honored, humbled, excited, scared, oh.. did I mention scared.. smile.

The Power Breakfast 2013 Confirms my Growth!

There are times when we look over our lives and we have to accept that we have gone through many situations in order to help others get through their situations.  Speaking at the Power Breakfast 2013 is one of those moments for me.  I can honestly say that speaking at events was not necessarily one of my dreams, yet I’m kind of getting used to the idea.  I mean even in my business, I’ve been called to do Mid-Day motivational calls every other Monday.  You can actually hear one of my calls by dialing

760-569-6099 Pin: 589046# Reference number 401#


The Power Breakfast 2013: Reinvent You Will Change Some Lives This Weekend!

The Power Breakfast 2013 is going to cover ways to Reinvent yourself.  There are many presenters speaking about topics from Finances, Sexuality, Parenting, Marriage, Emotions, Credit.. and much much more!  Every lady that has breath deserves to attend this Power Breakfast 2013.  You must register in order to attend.. and remember it is in Atlanta, GA.  Plus it is this weekend, Saturday, March 16, 2013.  Register Here!

 See you at the Power Breakfast 2013!

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