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How To Make Money With Your Passion

How To Make Money With Your Passion!

make money with your passion

First Step To Make Money With Your Passion

Many of you may find this step really obvious, yet you will be surprised how many Read the rest of this entry

How To Afford Financial Help For Single Moms

How To Afford Financial Help For Single Moms!

financial help for single moms

Financial Help For Single Moms Comes With A Decision

It’s amazing how much time we spend focusing on all that we think we need as single moms.  Now understand I am a single mom.. I’m not talking about what I think happens… Read the rest of this entry

The Business Testimony

How many times do you find yourself keeping your testimony to yourself.  Through out the years I’ve learned to share share share my testimony.  See what I noticed is that in corporate America we tend to keep our testimony or or success to ourselves because we really didn’t trust anyone. It seemed like people would act like you were bragging or something if you shared any bit of your success.  NO MORE!  As a business owner your testimony can save your brand.


Your Testimony Can Breath Life Back Into You

You’ve probably read this statement from me before.. yet my Pastors always says we don’t need a miracle, we only need a memory.  Your testimony says that you went through a trial and you overcame.  Your story can not only give Read the rest of this entry

The Truth About Mobile Marketing

It’s amazing how times have changed.  Who would have thought that a corporation could literally grow their business all from the comfort of their mobile device.  Mobile marketing would have seemed impossible just 3 years ago.  Yet today mobile marketing is a very real thing.  Rather you accept it or not, the fact is that as we move forward the mobile device is becoming a real part of commerce.  I decided to do a little research about rather REAL money is being made through mobile marketing or not.  What I found out will blow you away. (source)

Mobile Marketing Reality From Ownership Changes

As you will notice below the growth in smartphone owners since 2011.  Check out the average age for owning the first cell Read the rest of this entry

The Government Shutdown

government shutdown

Who Is Effected By The Government Shutdown

Wow… what a day.  Did you ever imagine you would wake up and find out that after 17 years the government shutdown again.  The Nation is in an Read the rest of this entry