The Beginning Of 4 Chicks And A Blog!

These 4 Chicks are serious about internet marketing, yet they are even more serious about using blogging in order to grow their business!  These 4 Chicks come from different areas.. and have different backgrounds, yet together these ladies make up 4 Chicks And A Blog. Why 4 Chicks And A Blog? There appeared to be a disconnect in the industry about what blogging is really about, and how individuals, groups, non-profits, small businesses, and large corporations can use it in order to grow their brand and businesses on the internet.

Meet 4 Chicks And A Blog

4 chicks and a blog

We start with Ann-Frances Lambert, That Positivity Chick, is characterized as a vital liaison and orchestrator of numerous events. Passionate about social media, blogging and writing for television. She is full of positivity and constantly makes those around her feel like they are in the right place at the right time.  She brings that single life, no kids, creative and artistic talent to 4 Chicks And A Blog. To connect with Ann-Frances on Facebook Click Here!

4 chicks and a blog

Next we have Felicia Starks, That Fitness Chick,  is a Wife and a Mom first.  She is currently working in Corporate America during the day.. (wink). Yet here passion is coming to life through blogging and helping others experience the freedom of being exactly who they are in order to create a life where dreams come true. Felicia brings that corporate reality of a busy wife and mom to living a life where she makes the rules to the 4 Chicks And A Blog. She understands clearly how blogging can change the dynamic of the playing field of ANY game! To connect with Felicia on Facebook Click Here!



4 Chicks And A Blog



Next we have Gwen Ruffin, That Wisdom Keeper Chick.  This lady is AMAZING!! Simply amazing.  As a single mom of 3 grown men, she brings a WISDOM to the table the the other Chicks simply have not yet obtained.  She loves God first and is dedicated to building His Kingdom.  She is one of the newest blogger out of the 4 Chicks And A Blog, yet simply proves that just because the internet is different, or new.. it is FAR from impossible.  It all depends on what you decided to believe.  Ms. Gwen continues to help others see how blogging can change the bottom line of any business. To connect with Gwen Ruffin on Facebook Click Here!



4 chicks and a blog


 Final but not least, is Shalonda Gordon, That Keep Smiling Chick is an internet marketer/blogger.  She has been on-line since 2008 initially searching for a way to create her own child support system.  5 years later she is a stay at home single mom of 2 daughters, and has just begin to tap into the plans that the Lord has for her.  She has grown by leaps and bounds simply by making a decision to be better the next day then the day that has left.  She understands TRUE branding and how to gain attention on-line, for any business.  She specializes in Network Marketing and Small Business. She is the brain child of 4 Chicks And A Blog and believes as a group these ladies can make a REAL impact in the Internet marketing World.  To connect with Shalonda Gordon on Facebook Click Here!

Let’s See The Pilot Of 4 Chicks And A Blog!

You can catch 4 Chicks And A Blog every Wednesday at 9PM EST.  All you have to do is make sure you have pen and paper and 30 minutes. As these ladies respect their own time, as well as yours.. they will not go over.  Click Here To see the show LIVE on Wednesday at 9PM EST

Here is the Pilot Episode!!


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