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So you want to partner with me… WHY?… LOL.. You know eventually I will ask you this question!!

Truth be told.. a partnership is something I take VERY seriously. See when you say you want to partner with me, you are saying you are ready to change your LIFE!

It’s not just about you partnering with me, and we never really get to know each other. When we partner up… you are basically saying to me..

“Shalonda, I deserve better, I want better, and I’m willing to do what it takes to get better!”

Is that you? I don’t know.. only you know.

I still remember the day I looked at my daughters and had to yet again tell them “No” to something they wanted. See the hard part about it was that they actually deserved it. They are really good girls, and it broke my heart to tell them “No”… not because they didn’t deserve it.. yet because I couldn’t afford it.

At that moment I made a change. I made a decision to partner with my mentor, Tracey Walker. I have to honest, I’ve learned a lot from her, and I’m grateful she took the time to show me the way. No she didn’t hold my hand every step of the way. She guided me and I followed directions.

Following directions and remaining coachable will build success in ways you always thought possible.

Introducing The Dream Team

This team was created with one goal in mind:

To guide you and straighten out your path to making life changing money by using the Power Within and Empower Network.

Here’s what you get:

  • Personal mentoring from yours truly
  • Viral Blogging System
  • Done-for-you squeeze pages
  • Fast start training (8 core commitments)
  • Mid-Day Daily Motivation calls
  • $5k in 30 days (definitive, daily, step-by-step blueprint)
  • My proven Google page one ranking formula
  • Advanced Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Trainings
  • Private Dream Team Facebook group with blogging alliance
  • 24/7/365 support from within Dream Team members area
  • Lifetime upgrades and unannounced bonuses

How much does it all cost?


It’s FREE when you purchase your Empower Network Viral Blogging System, done-for-you squeeze pages, and fast start training for just $25 by clicking the button below:


Right now, I still prefer my style of blogging (which I mentor on here with the back door access pass)

However, the squeeze pages are dope. And worth the $25/mo themselves.

Disagree? No worries.

Feel free to skip the VBS and start with the Inner Circle.

Or the Costa Rica Intensive.

Or the $15k Formula.

Or the Masters Course.

Doesn’t matter. Purchasing any of the available Empower Network products or any combination in any order, will land your booty on my squad.

But — and this is important…

To secure your spot on Dream Team and lock-in my personal coaching and bonuses, make sure you see Shalonda Gordon (“sgordon394”) on the registration page:



After verifying you see my name and affiliate ID, make sure all the boxes are checked.

You’ll probably have to click on and scroll through the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy before checking box three.

Mobile orders may not process.

And sometimes, depending on where you’re located, your bank or credit card company may flag the payment attempt because of Empower’s payment processor being located in the UK.

This can also happen if you’re more than 20-miles away from the home address linked to your credit card.

Simple solution: call the 1-800 number and explain your situation and tell them the upcoming charges you’re about to make that you’d like to authorize.

Problem solved. Keep Smiling.

Once I see your name come through my back office, I’ll send you an email so we can start building your online business together, immediately.

Many of my success stories don’t even resell Empower Network products. This is about a wicked culture, having fun, personal development, and selling more of anything online. Not just Empower Network.

Like Candra and Rhonda:

partnerAnd Candace:


And Stanley, Paul, David, and Andre:


And Calvin and Daniel:


And Mfon:


And Max:


See really it’s all about YOU.. getting the value you deserve. And that is what you get with the Dream Team.

Honestly…. (as I look around to make sure nobody is being nosey) we are the BEST group of money making blogger in the game right now!

Believe it!! Why? Because I care about your success!

Once you master a few techniques and rank at the top of Google – you can sell a lot more of anything. Take me. I do sell the Empower Network products.

And quite effectively:


Ready to build an online lifestyle business you can be proud of?

Cl-cl-cl-click that mouse:

partner Still need more info about Empower Network and their blogging system?

Watch this video presentation from the Dave’s or see this product overview page.

Remember, as part of the Dream Team fam, you’ll get personal coaching and access to everything I do on a daily basis to pull in over $8,000/mo with THIS blog.

I’ve cleared the clutter. Trimmed the fat. Simplified everything.

All you have to do is give me 1-2 focused hours each day.

Get in, get serious, and I’ll handle the rest.

How much is it again?

Today, it’s FREE when you buy your Viral Blogging System for just $25.

Or any other Empower Network product in any order.

It’s really a no-brainer.. you stilling thinking about it.. cuz you are not locked in on your why!! See when you become apart of the Dream Team.. we have locker room time..

Seriously.. What’s your why??

Click here and make it real…

Your Empower Network Partner,

Shalonda Gordon

P.S. – Here’s a recent pic of me and a few Dream Team members at a live event in Orlando, FL:


… See you at the next one?

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