It amazes me how long it took me to actually receive my first Child Support check from the government.

Before the questions start filling your mind.. Yes, the father had a job.  Yes they knew where he was.

Now after the funds started coming.. the father quickly left that job.. and figured he would simply not support our child at all..

Yes it’s real.

Yes it happens..

Yet.. it’s not the end of the world.

See I remember clearly how this guy was offended that I even went and placed him on child support.. and of course the number they decided he should pay was my fault. Even though it is based off of his income.. oh.. the income he gave them.. yeah.. lol.

Hey.. I had to make a change and quick.. I was quickly getting pissed off at the father.. and losing track of my focus..

I mean my daughter is watching me.. Sooooo

I found a different way..

The New Child Support System was created.. and this is how..

I’m excited to guide you through the New Child Support System!!

Keep in mind ONLY YOU.. can control the outcome of your life.. you can spend the rest of your days complaining and bothered.. and feeding right into the hands of those that desire to see you fail.. or you can take a stand.. 

I will stand with you.. as someone stood with me in order for this system to become a reality.

Click Here and lets stand!! 

Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon


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