How To Afford Financial Help For Single Moms

How To Afford Financial Help For Single Moms!

financial help for single moms

Financial Help For Single Moms Comes With A Decision

It’s amazing how much time we spend focusing on all that we think we need as single moms.  Now understand I am a single mom.. I’m not talking about what I think happens… Read the rest of this entry

The Business Testimony

How many times do you find yourself keeping your testimony to yourself.  Through out the years I’ve learned to share share share my testimony.  See what I noticed is that in corporate America we tend to keep our testimony or or success to ourselves because we really didn’t trust anyone. It seemed like people would act like you were bragging or something if you shared any bit of your success.  NO MORE!  As a business owner your testimony can save your brand.


Your Testimony Can Breath Life Back Into You

You’ve probably read this statement from me before.. yet my Pastors always says we don’t need a miracle, we only need a memory.  Your testimony says that you went through a trial and you overcame.  Your story can not only give Read the rest of this entry

The Truth About Mobile Marketing

It’s amazing how times have changed.  Who would have thought that a corporation could literally grow their business all from the comfort of their mobile device.  Mobile marketing would have seemed impossible just 3 years ago.  Yet today mobile marketing is a very real thing.  Rather you accept it or not, the fact is that as we move forward the mobile device is becoming a real part of commerce.  I decided to do a little research about rather REAL money is being made through mobile marketing or not.  What I found out will blow you away. (source)

Mobile Marketing Reality From Ownership Changes

As you will notice below the growth in smartphone owners since 2011.  Check out the average age for owning the first cell Read the rest of this entry

The Government Shutdown

government shutdown

Who Is Effected By The Government Shutdown

Wow… what a day.  Did you ever imagine you would wake up and find out that after 17 years the government shutdown again.  The Nation is in an Read the rest of this entry

How To Endure The Stretching of Faith

The Stretching of Faith is Interesting

stretching of faith

A very interesting experience to go through. See many people often talk about how as long as you have the “Faith of a Mustard Seed”.. and how you have to “have faith till you make it”.. and on and on. Yet lets Read the rest of this entry

Heart Lesson Part 3: Life As A Single Mom

Heart Lesson Part 3: Life As A Single Mom

You know some of us have been single moms from the moment we gave birth.  Others of us became single mothers through divorce or death.  For what ever reason God chose us to walk this journey.  In walking this journey we are given a certain amount of grace and mercy.  Heart Lesson Part 3 deals with looking over your life up to this point so that you can correct and adjust to create a better future. Life as a single mom is unlike any other life.  Simply because it is an example to so many.  Really the life of mothers in general are unlike many.  See our lives are full of change.  As much as we try to bring consistency  to our lives and our children’s lives, the more things seem to change.

life as a single mom

 How Would God Summarize Your Life As A Single Mom Up To Now?

I was asked this exact Read the rest of this entry

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Single Mom Heart Lessons Part 1


Single Mom Heart Lessons Part 1

single mom heart lesson

As a single mom we deal with many single mom heart lessons.  Really everyone deals with heart issues, yet we have our kids watching how Read the rest of this entry

Single Moms Are Built To Last!


Single Moms Are Built To Last



built to last


Who Says That You Are Built To Last?

I know this topic can become hard to swallow at times.  Especially as a Single Mom.  We have to realize that we are built to last.  See this weekend at church we had Youth Service. The youth at Living Worship International Ministries are powerful and love God with all their heart.  This weekend their speaker was Rodney E. Johnson, Jr. (RJ) and when I tell you he brought a fire word.. well he brought a FIYAH word.  Now it wasn’t necessary about Single Moms.. yet it related very clearly to our lives.. and how we are built to last.  He talked about how everyone is built to last… yet as we are single moms.. I related it to my life, and believe it will help you as well.  At the end of this post you will know that you were built to last.


Knowing and Understanding that you are Built To Last is the First Step To Freedom!

built to last

Did you ever realize that every trial you go through is designed especially for you? I mean take a moment and really look at the trials you are expected to conquer. Realize that this trial is designed just for you, because you have everything you need to conquer it already inside of you. Now RJ gave great analogies in service. First he described the desert and how dangerous it is.  Then he described Camels and how they can survive in the desert when other animals can not. So basically camels were built to last in the desert.  He also brought in the Word of God, and described how God will anoint your skill or talent, basically making sure that you are built to last.  Now here is where it gets really interesting.


Being Built To Last Gives You Power 

built to last

Let me give you some examples of how God works with us.  See we each have our special skills and talents.  Once God anoints that skill or talent, which basically means that He states that he is pleased with you.. at that moment the trial comes for which you get to use your anointed skill or talent to get through.  Some amazing examples of this in the Bible are found in 1 Samuel 16:13-14 (NIV), when Samuel anoints David to be king, at that exact moment the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul and an evil spirit came over him. So basically at the exact moment that David was anointed king, his trial begin. David had everything he needed to make it through the trial.  A prime example of one of his anointed skills was his ability to play the harp and calm the evil spirit which was over Saul.  Another amazing example is found in Matthew 3:13-4:1 (NIV), when Jesus goes to John for him to baptise him.  John states that Jesus should baptise him, yet Jesus convinces him to do it.. just this once.  Now immediately when Jesus comes up out of the water, God approved of him, and immediately Jesus was led into the desert to be tempted by the devil.  Now to bring it all together!

built to last


Assignment to overcome your built to last trial!


  • Think about the trial you are NOW in and write it down

  • Think about the skill you have recently mastered

  • Think about what happened right before your current trial

  • Now use the recently mastered skill in order to BREAK FREE!

  • Keep Smiling

    P.S. Now that you are understanding your power, I would love to invite you to join the Stay At Home Single Moms Club! We are single moms that stay at home, and help others do the exact same! Simple Click Here for more details on how to use your built to last power to work from home.

The Week After Mother’s Day… A Single Mom’s Perspective!


So last week was the week after mother’s day.  Throughout the week I had many thoughts. As I was raised by a Single Mom from the age of 9 on.. I still remember when my father was in the home and we would wake up when I was 6 years old and make breakfast for Mom. I remember once I was old enough to turn the oven on by myself.. that I would wake up and make her breakfast in bed.  She loved it… at least she acted like she loved it.

During today’s times… we wake up to a phone full of text messages wishing us Happy Mother’s Day, our kids give us amazing gifts. The gift above is from my youngest, Chloe.  Yet this post is about the stuff most of us do not talk about.  Now let me give a disclaimer before I begin.  See every year I grow. Every year I become better and better in every way, simply because I strive to become better, not just for me yet for my daughters. Every year the week after mother’s day brings certain thoughts. I’ve forgiven many situations, by simply accepting responsibility for my part in all of it, and then realizing everyone is human.So as I mention these points here today.. it is to bring awareness to how far we have come.. or how many steps we may still need to take.

Thoughts the come during the Week After Mother’s Day

So the first thought that comes.. every year.. is.. “Is Mother’s day supposed to be  a vacation?”… lol..  Honestly.. it kind of was a vacation. My daughters were a great help. The best part is that they did it with joy in the hearts.  After I finished cleaning the kitchen and washing the clothes I prepared for the week.  I realized the week after mother’s day that the weekend was a great time.  Yet, I know you didn’t read all this just to read a bunch of amazing joy.. lol.

The next thought that comes to mind.. I receive Happy Mother’s Day wishes from EVERYONE!!! I mean even from people that I didn’t even know.. they knew I was a Mom. Yet I do not receive a wish from the fathers of  my girls. Now about 5 years ago.. this used to piss me off.  Why? Because it just seemed so unfair. Basically at that time I believed I was a victim of my decisions.  I know sounds crazy right.. I was the victim to decisions that I made.  Well, I know if many of us Single Moms look at the things that bother us.. it usually comes full circle to something that we have total control over.  This year was no different than other years.. the thought crossed my mind.. “Those cats didn’t even wish you a Happy Mother’s Day”.. and I immediately responded.. OUT LOUD.. and it is OK. smile.week after mother's day

 The Week After Mother’s Day Reminds Us To Continue to Take Control, which basically means.. remain RESPONSIBLE

We, as single moms have to remain responsible even for out own thoughts.  We really do not have a choice but to keep calm and take control. The week after mother’s day is a time when I have to remain responsible.  See instead of focusing on what it appears I “don’t” have I simply focus on what I do have.  Instead of constantly keeping my poor decisions right in front of my face.. I focus on my goals. As we focus on our goals and strive to achieve them, everything else falls into place. It took a second to realize this reality.  Yet I had to simply have some faith and go for it! What is that thought that crosses your mind and immediately puts you in a bad mood?  You know what I’m talking about.. well take control of that thought.. and make a decision to focus on the GOAL that the thought seems to counter.  When you make a conscious effort to do this activity every time, you will begin to see amazing things happen in your life. You will begin to see your children start to respond differently to you.. in a good

The week after mother’s day is the perfect chance for Single Moms to remain AMAZING!

week after mother's day




week after mother's day

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