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The Strength Of A Single Mom Shared With You

Welcome!! I’m Shalonda Gordon, a single mom of two amazing daughters. There was a time in my life when I was ashamed of being a single mom, yet God’s grace brought me out of that place.  Through faith and obedience I have become a stay at home single mom that is enjoying every second of my single life.  There have been a few set backs.. there have been moments when this single mom cried herself to sleep.. there have been moments of amazing success.. all of which led me to creating this site.  As single moms we strength each other.  We are able to share our stories and show those coming up after us that “This too shall pass”.

single mom

A Positive Place For A Single Mom To Relax And Find Peace



There are many of us out here, and many have their own opinion about it. Yet I have found that what really matters is that we have the opportunity to raise our children with joy and peace.  This site is a hub for TRUTH, FAITH, AND UNDERSTANDING.  Drama comes because we allow it.  Joy comes becomes because we are born with it.  As a single mom I’ve noticed the gifts that come with such an amazing responsibility.  It is not a responsibility for the weak at heart… yet it comes with so many gifts that it is worth it.  When you find yourself struggling, come here and find peace.  When you find yourself having amazing success, come here and share it so that others can become motivated and grateful. This site is full of information.. from building an income from home to how to heal a broken heart. Look around and Click Here to connect with me and possible become an author for this site. Your story is powerful and there is a single mom waiting for you to share it.


A Single Mom Is A Gifts From God, Regardless of how you got here, Welcome, and Keep Smiling!