It was really crazy when the idea crossed my mind to create a New Child Support System.. 

I mean I can honestly say that on both sides of the spectrum of child support things can be said.. 

The custodial parent complains that the government doesn’t force the issue enough..

The non-custodial parent says the government is try to take what they don’t have.. 

Let’s be honest.. we are each responsible for our situation.  

I had a moment when I was simply tired of having my every thought being about what I didn’t have.. or what I wasn’t getting.

I mean look at these babies of mines.. (this picture is like 4 years

new child support system

I simply decided that I there is a better way.. and it works for anyone who is strong enough to except responsibility and make the change.

What I Learned From The New Child Support System

See I had to accept responsibility to for having children with men that simply were not responsible enough to take care of themselves better yet children.. Oh yes they both have children… and had them before I got pregnant.. so guess what.. whose fault is that.. MINES!!! 

Once I accepted responsibility I let it go and took action.. no need on going over my mistakes over and over.. learn from them and keep it moving..

I mean my girls are watching me.. 

What Did I Create By Taking Action?

I created the New Child Support System.. and I’m going to show you exactly what I did.. all you have to do is stay connected to this site.. 

If you missed Tip #1 Click Here

Watch Tip #2 Now

I’m excited to guide you through the New Child Support System!!

Keep in mind ONLY YOU.. can control the outcome of your life.. you can spend the rest of your days complaining and bothered.. and feeding right into the hands of those that desire to see you fail.. or you can take a stand.. 

I will stand with you.. as someone stood with me in order for this system to become a reality.

Click Here and lets stand!! 

Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon

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